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Custom Engineered Seals

Giới thiệu: Custom Engineered Seals

Currently, Flex-A-Seal services a multitude of industries and customers in over 30 countries Worldwide. This success is a direct result of our engineering focus on long-term cost-effective solutions.

Although we may be best known for our metal bellows welding technology and patented split cartridge design, our product line has expanded to encompass a wide variety of seal styles and solutions. Our philosophy is to apply either a bellows or pusher seal when the application warrants, or to design an engineered product if these standard solutions are not suitable. We consistently engineer proper solutions for problematic sealing applications. Our unique approach, coupled with an uncompromised commitment to product quality, assures our customers of unprecedented sealing reliability.

We can address specific sealing applications and conditions in your environment. To complement this information you can contact us using data sheets of your own or use our datasheet.

We have this website to give you a general insight into Flex-A-Seal’s potential and to create a reference tool for your specific seal needs. Flex-A-Seal also offers an extensive line of DIN and ANSI cartridges, simple single spring rubber bellows, high pressure and high temperature designs, and other sealing products for your more common sealing requirements.

  • Straight forward solutions to address unique problems
  • Long term focus
  • Quick answers
  • State-of-the-art engineering capabilities
  • Specialty welded metal bellows devices
  • Cryogenic bellows seal
  • Slurry cartridges
  • High-pressure and high-speed seals
  • OEM specific replacement seal
  • Magnetic face seals
  • Barrier fluid systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Specialty packing
  • Pack-Ryt® bearings / bushings
  • Custom lip seals
  • Flow controllers

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