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Heavy Duty Slurry Seal

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FHDS requires a mechanical seal adapter to replace the stuffing box. Rework the existing stuffing box by removing the throat. It may also require machining the shaft sleeve down or removing it to provide enough clearance for the rotating portion of the seal.

Model: FHDS

    1. Simple Rugged Heavy Duty Cartridge Seal Design which can be mounted either on the dry or wet end of pump.
      • Easy to assemble.
      • Impeller adjustment can be made without removing the seal.
    2. Flushless Operation
      • Faces are located in open area for optimum heat dissipation
    3. Hydraulically Balanced Seal Faces
      • Lowers face heat generation over a wider range of pressures.
    4. Stationary Design
      • Insures better face tracking and alignment.
      • Springs do not have to flex with every revolution.
    5. Large Cross Section Dynamic O Ring slides on smooth clean stationary seal ring.
      • Eliminates shaft or sleeve fretting.
    6. Patent Pending Plunger Lock Drive is located out of the product and sealed in a clean environment.
      • Easy to assemble or disassemble.
      • Eliminates sleeve deformation due to set screws.
      • Will not back out due to vibration or pressure changes due to the unique spring loaded mechanism keeping the lug trapped in position.
      • Sleeve is non-wetted, located outside of product so a more economical 316 stainless steel material can be used.
    7. Heavy Duty Metal Shrouded Faces provides for maximum protection from abrasives.
      • Provides uniform 360° transfer of torque to the rotating face.
      • Reduces the probability of seal face damage due to high torque conditions during start up.
      • Critical feature when using hard brittle face materials like Silicon Carbide.
      • Strong uniform shapes of the faces have no inherent high stress risers due to drive notches or holes needed for pin drive systems.
    8. Heavy Duty Construction.
      • Large open radial clearances to prevent clogging.
    9. Heavy Duty Multi Springs located outside of the product with Spring Protection Sleeve.
      • Effective means of preventing the slurry from clogging the springs and causing the seal to hang up.
    10. Two Piece Gland Construction most economical design which allows for the use of more abrasive and corrosive resistant material on the wetted side of the pump.
      • One piece option is available with 316 Stainless Steel
      • Plain no connection
      • Flush or clean out connection
      • Quench connections with Glass Filled PTFE Bushing
      • Quench connections with Lip Seal

Gland Options:

  1. Hardened Steel or Corrosion Resistant Set Screw Sleeve locking mechanism.
    • If the shaft is hardened, a collet clamping option is available.

Materials of Construction:

Seal Faces: Silicon Carbide Rotary: Sintered Silicon Carbide Stationary: Homogenous structure of graphite in Sintered Silicon Carbide Matrix. Superior corrosive and abrasion resistance face material. It is extremely hard and has the lowest coefficient of friction with the highest PV rating of any hard face combination. Option: Nickel Bound Tungsten CarbideElastomers: Aflas, Viton, EPR, Kalrez Wetted Metal Parts: Duplex Stainless Steel (Alloy 255) Options:Other Alloys available like Hastelloy C276 Non Wetted Metal Parts: 316 Stainless Steel Springs: Hastelloy C276 Dual or Tandem Design Options are available.

Currently in the Heavy Duty Slurry Centrifugal Pump Market the predominate sealing means is packing used in a stuffing box chamber. Typical leakage out of the pump as stated in the Goulds model 5500 installation manual. “The normal leakage for a properly adjusted stuffing box, depending on shaft size and speed, varies from a few drops a second to a small trickle out of the gland”. A few drops a second (2 to 3) is over 2 gallons a day and if the leakage breaks into a stream it can be well over 20 gallons a day.Flex-A-Seal has two unique solutions to solving all the inherent problems the user experiences with packing:

  1. Packing: “A controlled leaking device”

    Flex-A-Seal Style 85 “WS” Water Saver. This is a problem solving combination of the Flex-A-Seal Style 85 Patented Fully Split Cartridge Seal with a Split Pack Ryt® “ORM” bearing bushing.

  2. Flex-A-Seal Style FHDS Heavy Duty Slurry Seal

Heavy Duty Slurry Centrifugal Pumps use three different means of sealing.

  1. Packing: “A controlled leaking device”

    Several rings of packing are fitted and compressed in a stuffing box chamber and are required to be continually lubricated and cooled through a lantern ring with a clean water flush.Problems

    • Must leak to operate
    • Requires constant attention to control the amount of leakage to the atmosphere. Typical leakage of properly adjusted packing set is 60-90 drops per minute. (Over 2 gallons per day)
    • Shaft or sleeve wear
    • Leakage – Can cause bearing failure
    • Unsafe conditions Product loss Product dilution

    • High energy consumption depending on how the packing is adjusted (Like applying a brake to the shaft)
  2. Centrifugal Repeller Seal

    This seal consists of an expeller behind the impeller in a separate chamber. The expeller reduces the pressure of the slurry attempting to move around the back of the impeller. A secondary seal maintains the liquid in the pump when it is not rotating. This is usually done with lip seals or grease lubricated packing.Problems

    • The sealing solution is limited to low pressure and low speed applications.
    • If a secondary seal is a lip seal them typical life is approximately 2000 hours.
    • If the secondary seal is packing it will require adjustment and will have shaft or sleeve wear as mentioned in the previous section on packing problems.
  3. Mechanical Seals

    True Heavy Duty Mechanical Seal Designs for non-fibrous abrasive slurries typically found in the mining & power industries must address the following issues to insure good long term seal life.

    • Reduce or eliminate water flush
    • Address erosion & corrosion issues or both on the metal seal components
    • Excessive seal face wear due to the abrasive nature of the slurry
    • Atmospheric side hang up and clogging of the springs due to the leakage of solids that can build up over time
    • Drive mechanism breakage & wear
    • Reduced power consumption
    • Design must have means accommodate impeller adjustment
    • Easy to install

Typical Applications:

  • Copper Mining
  • Nickel Mining
  • Phosphate Mining
  • Coal Mining
  • Aluminum Bauxite
  • Tar Sands
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)

Typical Pump Manufacturers:

  • Weir Mineral Group Warman Pump
  • ITT Goulds
  • Toyo Pumps
  • Metso
  • Flowserve Worthington

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