Phốt Cơ Khí Split Seal Style 85

Split Seal Style 85

Giới thiệu: Split Seal Style 85

World’s Only Split Cartridge Seal (US Patent No. 5662340)

To Reduce Down Time for difficult time consuming installations

  • The easiest installation of any split seal in the world: Simply attach 2 halves over the shaft and mount to the pump like any other cartridge seal.
  • Only split seal in the world in which just two pieces are handled: No handling of lapped faces as both are secured safely in cartridge halves. Faces can’t be cocked, chipped or scarred.
  • Only split seal in which impeller can be adjusted without removing the seal: Simply reinstall setting clips, release set screws and adjust impeller position then retighten set screws and remove the clips.
  • Only split seal that can be fully assembled and pressure tested at the factory: Sealing integrity is insured completely before being sent to the field. Ensuring each installation of the highest success rate.
  • No measurements, no shims, no special tools, no glue: Standard cartridge setting clips assures proper axial and radial alignment and makes installation even easier.

Mechanical seals are well known sealing solutions to rotating equipment. They are subjected to wear, corrosion, abrasion, vibration, thermal, pressure, and other effects that causes them to be replaced periodically. This requires the disassembly of the equipment to remove the seal from the shaft and replace it with a new or reconditioned one. Depending on the type of equipment, this can be very involved and costly procedure with a lot of resulting down time for the equipment and plant.

A number of semi and fully split mechanical seals have been designed to overcome the assembly and disassembly difficulties associated with various types of rotating equipment. These designs have achieved the goal of reducing the amount of time required to change out a mechanical seal. But, in doing so, they have introduced other new problems. These new inherent design problems are attributed to a great number of loose parts that must be handled with extreme care, especially the two precision manufactured primary sealing faces which are lapped to 1-2 light bands flatness to insure proper seal performance. They also require measurements, or the use of various shims or special tools to set and align the mechanical seal assembly accurately to the rotating shaft. Most designs typically use an internal clamping design which has limitations of torsional and axial holding power to positively locate the seal on the equipment. Another potential problem with these seals is that they have to be completely disassembled if the shaft position has to be adjusted after the seal has been set.

It is well documented that two of the major causes of split mechanical seal failure are mishandling of the seal components and incorrect seal assembly.

Flex-A-Seal Inc. has addressed the above mentioned disadvantages and limitations with the patented Style 85 Fully Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal Assembly. The Style 85 seal assembly consists of only two unitized self contained assemblies which fit together over a shaft to form a self setting and aligning cartridge seal design. This fully split cartridge mechanical seal design eliminates the handling of a lot of loose, delicate, precision manufactured components and allows for very simple, easy and time saving installation with no measurements or guess work. The critical primary sealing faces are held together and safely contained within the two split gland and sleeve halves assemblies so they are well protected from any handling abuse, dirt, or contaminants. If the shaft needs adjusting after the seal has been set, simply put the setting clips back on the seal, loosen the set screws in the sleeve, move the shaft to its new position, tighten the set screws and remove the setting clips.

Operating Conditions

Seal Size Temp Speed Pressure
1 3/4“-3”
350ºF (175ºC) 3600 RPM 250 PSI
(17 bar)
3 1/8”-3 3/4”
350ºF (175ºC) 1800 RPM 200 PSI
(14 bar)
3 7/8”-4 3/4“
350ºF (175ºC) 1800 RPM 150 PSI
(10 bar)
(125mm) and above
350ºF (175ºC) 875 RPM 100 PSI
(7 bar)

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