Phốt Cơ Khí Style 23

Style 23

Giới thiệu: Style 23

Externally Mounted Mechanical Seal for extreme corrosive services

  • Mounted outside of stuffing box.
  • Only corrosion resistant materials are in contact with product.
  • Hydraulically balanced.
  • Simple design – Assembled at factory – no installation measurements required – Just slide on shaft and contact stationary seal ring tighten screws and remove setting clips.
  • Primarily seal face is shrouded in rugged metal drive holder to minimize potential breakage.
  • Adaptable to plastic or PTFE sleeves with optional split metal collar which will not damage the softer sleeve material.
  • Inch and metric sizes available.

Operating Conditions

Max Temp 250ºF (121ºC)
Max Pressure 150 PSI (10 bar)
Max Speed 4500 FPM (22 m/sec)

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